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Greenville Treatment Center

If you are grappling with heroin or opioid addiction, our Greenville treatment centers are here to assist you in overcoming this challenge. Our Outpatient Greenville methadone treatment clinics are conveniently located to offer support and help. We provide Methadone and Buprenorphine withdrawal medication, counseling, therapy, and a range of supportive services to aid you in your journey to recovery at all of our Greenville methadone clinics.

Change Your Life

Overcoming drug addiction and seeking help through outpatient methadone treatment clinics in Greenville can be challenging. Former patients have shared their stories of opioid addiction and how they regained control of their lives through outpatient drug rehab treatment in Greenville.

Call (252) 565-8021 for help now from our outpatient drug rehab Methadone clinics in North Carolina

“Thanks to Greenville Treatment Center, I’ve reclaimed my life, and I’m extremely grateful for its existence. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone seeking to break free from addiction.”

Aurora Health Patient

Rocky Mt

“The staff at Greenville demonstrates unwavering dedication to supporting your journey toward sobriety. Choosing to seek their assistance has proven to be one of the most positive decisions I’ve ever made. Even when faced with occasional setbacks, the staff has consistently offered their assistance and guidance.”

Aurora Health Patient


“If you’re seeking a path towards a more stable life with less street drama, this is the place to turn to. It’s important not to pass judgment until you’ve walked in the shoes of those who have sought help here.”

Aurora Health Patient


Are you prepared to embark on your journey to drug-free living with the assistance of outpatient Methadone treatments, counseling, and other Greenville drug rehab options?

Overcoming opioid addiction can indeed be a formidable challenge, but you don’t have to face it in isolation. With the compassionate team at the Greenville Treatment Center standing by your side, our Methadone treatments and counseling can offer the assistance you need. There are dedicated drug addiction treatment centers in Greenville eagerly awaiting the opportunity to provide you with the support and resources essential to your recovery journey.