Opiate Addiction


Know the signs so you can help 

Comprehending Addiction

A crucial aspect of comprehending opioid and heroin addiction is its impact on an individual’s involuntary responses. This persistent craving essentially rewires the brain, leading to challenges in stress management, impaired judgment, diminished capacity for learning and retaining information, and altered behavioral impulses.

Opioid Information

According to clinical studies, it is strongly suggested that approximately 80% of current heroin users initially became addicted to prescription painkillers. The recent increase in heroin usage is predominantly linked to the stricter regulation of painkillers, making heroin abuse a more affordable alternative for individuals who originally developed opioid dependence through prescription painkillers.

How Can You Help Your Loved One?

Supporting a loved one grappling with opioid and heroin addiction can indeed be challenging, yet your role is paramount in offering encouragement and motivation. Through your caring and supportive actions, you can provide the vital encouragement required to initiate treatment and sustain their path to recovery. Our opioid and heroin addiction center in Greenville, North Carolina, is dedicated to providing assistance throughout this journey.